About Gatitaa

Headquartered in Pune, Gatitaa is a renowned Digital Marketing Company in Pune, India that helps businesses expand smoothly. Our professional team can ensure that you get the best of online marketing services by intimately knowing your business requirements. We believe that it serves as a powerful extension of your marketing department.

By making use of our digital marketing services, you can be confident that your company will be far-reaching, heavy website traffic, strong-quality leads, and brand recognition. We have extensive experience embracing the rapidly evolving digital world and providing companies custom-made digital marketing services such as SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, etc. Our Web Design Company in Pune ensures that these approaches are beautifully combined to deliver your business a result-driven roadmap.

Gatitaa Technology has become the foundation of ideally target-oriented marketing campaigns among all Digital Marketing Agencies in Pune. By designing marketing strategies in close collaboration with our customers, we allow them to leverage their core competencies with selective and accurately targeted marketing plans that improve lead generation and conversion. Following the results of the marketing plans in real-time allows for on-the-fly customization and rapid response to any unexpected changes in market scenarios.

Through our excellent service, we aspire to make our clients feel very special in the digital marketing world. In our Website Development Company in Pune, we have trained professionals who can deliver services internationally and ensure that the collective expertise of our staff leads the customers to their objectives.

Our Vision

Our mission is to enable customers to grow their firms and brands strategically while enhancing their web experiences by reaching and establishing dignified relationships with clients all over the world. Our long-term objective is to provide all web related services at one roof and serve globally. By joining more hands, we want to cater to the fullest of our capacity and your satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission statement focuses on creating a consistent relationship with consumers since digital marketing is not a nightstand; rather, it is a long-standing commitment that needs regular reviews to maintain a consistently high level of success. For any company, this is crucial if they want to produce incredibly positive results.

Director Desk


Baji Darade - CEO

He is a renounce entrepreneur by their personality and class. He has a big picture and responsible for the consistent running organization with a particular emphasis on developing holistically. He has a good sense of humor about politics and keeps energizing them for their best outlook.

This is about a young, self-motivated leader with excellent management and strengthens the managing team in the company, result-driven insights into the organization, and resourceful managing director with a proven ability. Mr. Baji Darade is genuine with his work. He is the supreme member in decontaminating, reviewing, developing the strategies, and give direction to the corporate governing body. He is an experienced person in the IT sector. Being a director is not just putting up the concrete structure and making the balance sheet grow in numbers.

Being the director of Gatitaa, that precedence aim has to grow in such areas to give research opportunities, employment, and effortlessness in the IT sector. In 2009, Mr. Baji Darade completed his Masters in computer science from Pune University. After that, he did certification courses, MCTS in ASP.NET, SQL Server in 2010. In Sep 2010, he started his business, and he made his company set up in Dec. 2011.

He is Rotarian in Rotary club of Pimple Saudagar from the last three years with district 3131, India zone.

Gatitaa is a super reseller of GoDaddy and dealing with all IT services due to his vision.

He is a farmer, and he knows how to bow the right seed at the right place. He thinks business is not a joke, and he doesn’t think about profit and loss for their business. For him, Gatitaa is like a Ganga, a river that turns into Ocean. The motive besides our company is to take everything that comes on a path and grow with them as the river does.

Gatitaa has 6oo+ customers in different services like digital marketing service, ISO Certification, and working in India from the last seven years. Here, the policy is to respect all people who work with Gatitaa.

Gatitaa is awarded as a most promising website and top ranking in SEO. Gatitaa's success is all because of the efforts and hard work of Mr. Baji Darade.